Invoice design

How does invoice design affect your business?

As a small business owner, you surely have spent hours designing your website, polishing business cards, logos, and brochures. What you might have missed is the importance of a well-designed invoice. It is easy to forget that the invoice is your last contact with the customer. It’s not just a means of payment, invoice and invoice design is possibly the last impression your customer is left with.

But what if you could use invoice design as a marketing tool to strengthen your branding, increase your reputation, get more work in the future, and most importantly – motivate people to pay on time?

Well, it’s true. Using psychology patterns and design principles, the wording, the layout, and the color, your invoices can be improved to speed up the payment. While you should, by all means, use your default branding, logo, and colors, there are also a few psychology tips that you can use to get your invoices paid sooner rather than later.

Here are 4 tips that you should pay attention to when designing your invoice templates.

Smart colors

Color psychology states that blue is often associated with trustworthiness. For that reason, you might choose turquoise as it is the best color for important remarks and attention-grabbing wording like “Second notice”. Since turquoise is not commonly used by other businesses, you using it will stand out that much more. Alternatively, another possible option is purple. This color has high favorability among women. Darker tones of purple indicate resoluteness and competence.

Visible company name and logo

People are by nature more likely to remember visuals such as images and logos rather than just words. So make sure to include your company name and logo in the most noticeable place. If the recipient of the invoice immediately recalls dealing with your business, they are more likely to pay promptly instead of first going through records to refresh their memory.

Personal signature

Include a headshot of yourself (or the head of the company) in the contact details or at the bottom of the document. This creates similar psychological pressure as if you were physically present. The recipient of the invoice is also more compelled to take care of the payment if you have personally signed it – it is as if you are personally asking them for payment.

Professional design

Finally, you should use professional invoice templates to avoid the risk of ending up with a poorly designed invoice and looking unprofessional. That way you’ll stay on top of your competition and ensure your brand’s top-of-mind position.

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